It all began when the creative minds behind the multidisciplinary design firm 212box, namely co-founder Eric Clough, decided to apply the same attention and no-holds-barred ambition to renovate a New York City apartment. The mystery apartment—complete with a 212box-written, designed, and produced book, as well as a CD of original scored music that pertains to the story ("Mystery on Fifth Avenue")—was simply a launching point. After experimenting with the ways in which architecture could provide an authentically intimate experience, 212box pushed to translate this experience into something greater. Thus INTO MYSTERY was born.

212box wants to inspire 800 million people INTO MYSTERY by dedicating a monument to human inquiry. As a larger open-ended riddle, INTO MYSTERY translates the intricate “Da Vinci Code” style system of elaborate code-breaking games into a collaborative effort on an international scale. Replete with clues within clues—ranging from digital maps and art works to the LightBox, the first tangible iteration of its kind—212box has formulated INTO MYSTERY as a testament to their detail-oriented commitment and rigorously developed sense of play through architecture, of course.

But 212box doesn't simply stop at architecture. They continue to approach interior design, graphic design, film, advertising and product design with the same unparalleled sense of possibility. No project is too big or too small; and no matter the physical size of the project, 212box operates at the same level of boundary-breaking creativity. Currently, the New York City-based firm operates with an office of fifteen designers and works closely with clients and consultants, in order to facilitate complete involvement with every aspect of its projects throughout North America, Europe, Middle East, South America, Australia and Asia. With everything from detail drawing to on-site construction covered, 212box takes an all-encompassing and comprehensive approach to each and every bit of work.