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Shipping + Returns

Given stock of product your order will ship the next business day at the speed chosen at check out. If you need help processing a return, please click on the support button.


A fully-charged battery will last 8 hours of continuous use, so be sure to provide care as you would any of your other electronic batteries. Please don’t put your LightBox in the washing machine.


So, how does the LightBox turn off? The easiest way to turn off the LightBox is to simply remove the battery pack, or flip it around so the contacts don't touch the magnets. For the more fun, “Into Mystery” route, explore and figure out how the different patterns and platelets are stacked and rotated relative to each other. Once you figure it out, turn it on and off as you please—it’s all part of the fun!


Still need help? We want you to be fully satisfied, and tap into all the fun of the LightBox. If you have any questions or concerns, we’d be more than happy to help! Send us an email at for any and all inquiries!