<br> LightBox


Game for some tactile exploration?
Get hands-on with the LightBox.

Composed of a series of detachable magnetic puzzle platelets, the LightBox is a conductor of light and a spark for inspiration. Take apart the layers of platelets to reveal different light patterns; or, shuffle them every which way to pinpoint sources of light and darkness. Call it what you will, be it puzzle, toy, or brainteaser, the LightBox is but a means to an end. Explore and build your own light to reignite open-ended curiosity from within. Once you’ve uncovered its hidden capacities, relish in the warm glow; behold, your very own work of light. Now that you’ve harnessed it, the real challenge lies in turning it off.
Go ahead, defy darkness.




A fully-charged battery will last 8 hours of continuous use, so be sure to provide care as you would any of your other electronic batteries. Please don’t put your LightBox in the washing machine.


So, how does the LightBox turn off? The easiest way to turn off the LightBox is to simply remove the battery pack, or flip it around so the contacts don't touch the magnets. For the more fun, “Into Mystery” route, explore and figure out how the different patterns and platelets are stacked and rotated relative to each other. Once you figure it out, turn it on and off as you please—it’s all part of the fun!


Still need help? We want you to be fully satisfied, and tap into all the fun of the LightBox. If you have any questions or concerns, we’d be more than happy to help! Send us an email at cmojica@212box.com for any and all inquiries!

<br> Into Mystery

Into Mystery

Into Mystery is a journey to spread inspiration, a series of intricate riddles woven into a gradually unfolding narrative of architecture. As a participatory inquiry into the depth and power of human creativity, Into Mystery taps into a universal commonality: curiosity.

Intersecting with puzzle solving and architecture, it’s shaping the future of a new creative community. And that’s why it also relies on those individuals willing to take the leap.

Now that you’ve got your hands on the LightBox, we’ll let you in on a secret: it’s more than just a puzzle. The LightBox is but a small key to a larger unveiling—a puzzle within a puzzle, if you will. By unlocking the LightBox, you’re already party to the mystery. Other clues will slowly reveal itself and due time, so get it on the secret now. This is just the beginning.